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Amaro Joe White Coffee Pale
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Amaro Joe: White Coffee Pale Ale is a collaborative effort with Bean Brothers Coffee Company. Yes, it's a coffee beer, but rather than being a stout or a porter, we've made a pale ale. It's made with Organic Ethiopian Amaro Gaayo coffee beans, roasted to a specific degree to ensure the beer has a distinctive coffee flavour, but retains the fruity nature of the Amaro bean. We've also added cacao nibs to accentuate the chocolate aromas without added colour. Finally it's back-sweetened with lactose sugar to add a creamy element, just like a morning coffee. Amaro Joe White Coffee Beer - 5.7% abv


Ingredients: Water Barley Malt Wheat Malt Hops Yeast Cacao Nibs Coffee Lactose


The Bean Brothers Coffee Company was created to control the quality and consistency of the raw product that the two brothers were serving up at their own retail outlet, Huddersfield's premier specialty coffee shop - Coffeevolution. This incredibly popular establishment first opened its doors in 2000 and swiftly gained a reputation for having an excellent coffee menu superbly delivered by the some of the best baristas in the north of England. Nineteen years later the shop itself stands as a testament to the brothers determination and tenacity, it is still run as a family business to this day. Established in 2012, the Bean Brothers Coffee Company is a small batch, artisan, specialty coffee roasting company. We are based at Fairfield Mills Huddersfield, an old textile mill on the outskirts of the town centre, firmly seated in the picturesque valleys and wild moorlands of West Yorkshire. Bean Brothers specialize in sourcing the finest quality coffee beans from around the world, they are carefully selected and profiled by our head roaster who ensures the roasting process brings out the very best in every beans potential. We have a small dedicated team of hard working individuals who roast, blend and pack in-house daily by hand ensuring attention to detail and quality control comes second to none. Our passion is in single origins although we do produce our own house espresso blends which are sold and served in many coffee shops nationwide.

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