Homebrew Festival

20th July 2019

People’s Vote

All attendees get three bottle caps that they can use to vote for their favorite beer by dropping the caps into designated containers.

Brewer’s Vote

A separate tasting & judging will be conducted by professional brewers led by Ben Ruddlesden and Michael Pollard from Lord’s Brewing Co,  Elaine Yendall and Tara Mallinson from Mallinsons brewery and Ryan Stoppard from Beer Ink brewery.

Rules for brewers:

  • Brewers must sign up at least 2 weeks in advance.

  • Up to a maximum of 3 beers per brewer.

  • No restriction on styles.

  • 5 gallon minimum recommended for each beer, more is encouraged.

  • 1 bottle is required for judging, with the minimum bottle size being 330ml.

  • Beer must be brewed on a homebrew system – nothing can be made at a commercial facility.

  • 18+ only.

  • Each brewer that signs up may also register an assistant. No fee for brewers & assistants. All brewers must be listed.

  • Brewers must provide their beer in bottles and a slops bucket. If you don’t want to serve in a bottle please contact us to see if what you have is fair and reasonable.

  • Multiple brewers from a single club will be grouped together to create a club presence.

  • Brewers have the option to bring signage and otherwise decorate their serving station as they like.

  • Set up is from 11.00am until opening at 1:00pm to the public.

  • All participants must be on site at 12:00 noon at the latest for safety briefing.

  • You may bring beer for storage up to 2 weeks prior to the event.

  • Beers MUST be served in thirds to attendees of the festival.

  • All decisions by competition organisers and judges are final.

  • All beers entered must state allergens and suitability to various dietary requirements.

  • All beers must state ABV.

  • Liability for loss or damage is the sole responsibility of the entrant.

  • Please bear in mind you must adhere to high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

  • Any beer we feel may be contaminated or unsafe for consumption will be removed from the competition.

  • Bottles must be safe, those which do not hold pressure will be destroyed and the entry will be disqualified.

  • Each bottle must be labelled to match the description on the entry form and programme.

  • The same beer cannot be entered more than once.

  • By entering the competition you allow Lord’s Brewing Co to use all entry and result details for promotion and marketing purposes.

  • Names for beers must not have previously been used, be offensive, suggestive or political.

  • This is non-child friendly event.



Wholesale discount up to 27% to be provided by Brupaks for supplies. You will receive a code upon entry.


Prizes for the people and judge’s choices:

1st Prize- Your beer brewed on Lord’s Brewing Co kit with your assistance. Beer will be casked and sold to Lord’s Brewing Co customers and pubs across the UK.

2nd Prize- Full brewing ingredients for two brews, free of charge provided by Brupaks.

3rd Prize- Voucher from Brupaks, amount to be specified.

Entry Form
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