The Brothers

Ben Ruddlesden, our brewer and director, has always been passionate about his craft. He trained at Golcar Brewery and has always shown a natural talent for brewing. He strives for perfection so you can enjoy the best pint you’ve ever had. He enjoys cooking, longs walks, family time and helps run a local youth group on the weekends.


John Slumbers, our sales director, drives the company forward. He works hard to make sure we deliver the best service and quality. John has always been business minded and draws upon his experience from working for himself, most recently as a qualified master vehicle technician. He enjoys spending time with his family, tinkering with anything with wheels and an engine and helps with the same youth group as Ben and his wife.


Tim Pegg is our company secretary. He is a trained lawyer and has worked hard to become a director for a large firm. He has been instrumental in getting us to where we are today. He enjoys family time, holidays, growing his beard and a good day out. Tim is an ex-boxer, and now coaches in his spare time.

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Unit 15 Heath House Mill,

Golcar/Bolster Moor,


West Yorkshire,



VAT No: 265334502

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