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Cadillac Outlaw American Pale

I discovered Brock by accident. I was watching youtube and heard his track Funk It. I was hooked. I listened to all his albums back to back along with a few other chillhop artists I found like Handbook, Mtbrd and Biocratic. From sitting in the back garden drinking a cold beer in the sun. To driving through the South of France with our kids in the VW bus, Brock took me to new levels of chill in an otherwise very busy time of our lives. Building a brewery and adopting a little boy made for some stress levels I've never encountered before. It was great to find some music that was fun clean and made for relaxation. 

I started to talk to Brock through Instagram and surprisingly got messages back. It' s fantastic being able to interact with the creators of the music you know and love. 

Since then as a mega-fan, I made a mock-up bottle design and begged for Brock to let me make a beer for him. 

This was the result and American pale ale that is packed full of flavour and has that summer vibe.

Light colour with a full hop flavour. As Brock is, in my opinion, the golden child of chillhop we wanted to match this with the golden child of American hops, Galena! Sweet flavours from Vienna malt and crisp finish you expect from an American pale gives you the perfect beer to relax and listen to Brock Berrigan's new album The Scenic route. Grab yourself a glass of R n R.

Brock Berrigan is the alias of a drunk-savant musician/producer out of Astoria, Queens. Berrigan dons a rooster mask in his photo shoots/music videos and spends the rest of his time alone, meticulously plugging away in his basement studio. Sure, the hip-hop cockerel mask adds an element of silly pretension, but in talking to Brock one can tell that the anonymous persona is less a stunt aimed toward gaining popularity through mystique than a self-conscious departure from his person. Brock doesn’t have to apologize for Brock or risk disapproval; he simply wants his listeners to enjoy the music. Brock’s music unbridles his bizarre imagination giving him a more appropriate outlet to that which he otherwise suppresses.

Brock has been recording music in one form or another since he was 13 years old. Much of his adolescence was spent playing guitar and touring the East Coast in a band. Over the past few years Brock has focused on recording hip-hop beats. He’s amassed an impressive catalog, releasing ten LPs totaling approximately 150+ tracks with over 1,000 cutting room floor experiments. His first album, 2011 Beat Tape, came out in February 2011 and his most recent work, Chapter 10, came out on March 24th, 2015.

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More about Brock

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