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UK based producer, with over 623,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Handbook produces hip-hop instrumentals and beats for rappers and singers. Inspired by artists such as J Dilla, Flying Lotus and Madlib, Handbook began producing music in his bedroom in 2010, working solely with an MPC1000 and a MicroKorg.

He began to build a following after sharing his music on Soundcloud and in late 2010, Handbook released his debut EP on Grappa Frisbee Records, the first in a string of successful albums and EPs- notably All The Time Titanomachy and Botanicals.

Handbook's signature sound comprises of soulful samples, thick bass lines and layered instrumental flourishes.

Regular collaborators include Supreme Sol, RKZ, Jetpack Jones and many more talented individuals.

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I wanted the beer and the music to reflect one another. Beer is important to me. It's an important craft, it's an expression of creativity, and on a personal level, it's something that I can enjoy and relax with. I wanted the accompanying beat to be all of those things as well as
an example of what I'm all about, an expression of what I'm feeling in the moment, and something that I, and many others, can relax to.


Lord's Brewing Co

As lovers of chillhop, lo-fi a cold beer and sunny days, we had to work with Handbook. A truly nice guy who not only cares about the music but the people around him. For the ultimate summer beer, we just had to get him to join the team to make a belter.

Passion from the music in the beer Absolutely! 

Handbook selected the hops and malt bill and came on brew day and got stuck in. It's jam-packed full of hoppy flavour, the clean crisp finish leaves you wanting more. 


The Track

Pride Before The Fall

The name came as a half-warning, really. It's important to stay focused and stay humble. It's tempting to lose your way over ego, and pride can often get in the way of making the right decisions.

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